orbifolder is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

1. In the home page, click on the link 'download source code'

2. Download the compressed source code in the format of your choice (.tgz or .zip).

3. In a linux console, enter the directory where you have just downloaded the prompt and decompress the downloaded file, using the corresponding command.
tar xfvz orbifolder-X.X.tgz
unzip orbifolder-X.X.zip
where "X.X" stands for the downloaded version.

4. Provided that the full libraries GSL version >= 1.9 and Boost C++ version >= 1.0 are installed in your system, you can now install the orbifolder executing the following commands:
cd orbifolder-1.0
make install

After successfully executing these commands, the program orbifolder can be used.
If the boost libraries are installed in a non-standard directory, instead of ./configure, use
./configure --with-boost=YOUR-NON-STANDARD-PATH
Further help in case of problems in configuring can be obtained, by using the command
./configure --help
For more help on the use of the options of "./configure", we refer to the README file of the downloaded version.

5. The prompt is ready to be used. Execute it with the command './orbifolder'.